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I.D.E.A. Consulting is a start-up company, delivering outcomes for clients utilising a network of experienced and highly effective outcomes-oriented practitioners. The start-up nature of the company enables clients to take advantage of the collective experience of the network, but without the complexity and cost generally associated with larger service providers.

Meet the team

I.D.E.A. Consulting a unique network business model to attract and retain people that know how to adapt and create successful & sustainable agile change and who have done so many times already.

Antonio Gomes


With over 20 years as a technology delivery professional in consulting business, Antonio has helped clients deliver Business and IT programs in different countries around the world. Antonio is highly motivated by fast-paced delivery environments, and enjoys environments where he can bring his energy, enthusiasm, expertise and experience to bear on improving business outcomes leading Digital Change and DevOps.

Sam Zawadi

Agile Coach and Collaborator

Sam has delivered many SAFe and Agile talks at international conferences and runs meetups where he speaks at and invites influential Agile Speakers from his London Meetup, DPML. As the main founder of Agnostic Agile, a global movement with over ~1500 signees, and ~1200 people on the private LinkedIn group and Slack channels, Sam regularly engages in authoring articles, talks and promoting dialog across the Agile Community internationally.

Dimitrios Siourthas

Continuous Improvement Specialist

Dimitrios is an insightful, outcomes-oriented practitioner with over twenty years’ professional experience. Dimitrios is a generalist, skilled in many areas including systems thinking & lean, economics, music production and performance, philosophy, photography and visual arts. Dimi has deep experience in strategy & planning, transformation, prioritisation, information management and agile practices.

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We operate a unique network model of experienced practitioners.

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